Saturday, February 27, 2010

Visions of Pulled Pork Dance in My Head

While we are digging out from yet another huge storm, I stare out longingly at my grill.  Oh to fell the heat of fire and smell the apple wood smoke.  Why am I so fixated on outdoor cooking in the midst of a brutal NJ winter?  The fast passes for the Big Apple BBQ are already on sale!

The Big Apple BBQ sees Madison Square Park turned into low and slow central as some of the best pit masters from around the country arrive with their massive cookers in tow.  Along with the massive cookers come massive crowds hungry for the succulent, barbecued manna.  To somewhat ease your wait, you can purchase a pass ahead of time.  The pass is good for $100 worth of food and beverages.  Plus, you get access to somewhat shorter lines.  In the past, they went for the fact value of $100, but this year they raised the price to $125.  While I am bit angry at this, I have been in those lines.  And $25 seems cheap compared to doing that again.

So, round up some BBQ fan friends, divvy up the cost.  Or, wear comfortable shoes.  Really, really comfortable shoes!  See you there June 12 and 13.

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