Saturday, February 20, 2010

To Cook, Perchance to Steam

Why?  A simple three letter word that packs worlds of context into its meager letter count.  A word that has caused the vexation of countless parents.  A simple query that can be oh so difficult to answer.  In the fact of all this, I will still post the question, "Why do we cook?".

I know that cooking affords me some quiet time to just let slip into a Zen like state prepping dinner.  I know that it gives me a sense of connection to everyone who has ever cooked, back to that caveman who first flung a piece of wooly mammoth into the fire.  It gives me a may to show my love to my friends and family by preparing them a special meal.  It makes a holiday feel like a holiday for me, manning the stove as my father before me.  It is something that I have always done and something I hope to always do.

With so many food options just a car ride or a phone call away, making the deliberate decision to cook may seem like an odd choice.   Of course, I feel different and will leave you with this thought.  Like a person, take them out to dinner.  Love a person, cook them dinner.


Fresh Local and Best said...

You've echoed my sentiments about cooking. I live for the appreciation that stems from the meals I create.

Trix said...

I agree. And no matter what craziness is going on in my life, the only time I'm not worried about it is when I'm cooking.