Saturday, January 23, 2010

Citymeals-on-Wheels Benefit at Bar Pleiades

2.1 million meals.  Just let that figure soak in for a minute.  It's kind of hard to try to visualize that amount of food, isn't it?  That is the number of meals that Citymeals-on-Wheels delivered in 2009.  That is the extent of the need of people whose illness, age or other considerations preclude them from preparing their own food.  When I received an invitation to attend a cocktail party benefitting this charity, I readily signed up.

A quick glance at the culinary talent assembled for this event, give you an idea of how important this cause is to people.  I'm sure Chef Daniel Boulud ringing you up helped persuade the attendees a bit as well.  Nate Appleman, ex-SF super star and new NYC super star was there.  He liked the sable fish dish he whipped up for the event so much, he is going to put it on the menu in his new restaurant Pulino.  Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook fiom Animal in LA were there serving a very tasty chicken liver pate dish.  George Mendes from Aldea served a tasty shrimp dish based on a classic Portugese recipe.  Not to be outdone, Cafe Boulud's own Chef Gavin Kaysen served an array of hor dourves, each one better than the previous.

Of course, it wouldn't be a cocktail party without cocktails.  The cocktails were ably handled by Bar Pleiades mixologist Cameron Bogue.  I never had a cocktail with butternut squash puree in it before, nor would I thought that such a concoction would be palatable in the least.  His elixir proved me completely wrong.

Yes, the evening was a complete blast.  Yes, it was fun seeing Gael Greene and Barbara Fairchild.  And yes, it did put a spotlight on the needs that exist in our own communities.  So, when you open you wallet to help out Haiti, which we all should do.  Keep it open a minute more to help out your less fortunate neighbors.  Your next meal will taste that much better for it.  


Fresh Local and Best said...

It's neat to see the gathering of celebrity chefs to support such a worthy cause. This is a great reminder of the desperate needs closer to home.

Trix said...

You are so right, and even those of us who are broke (ahem) have way more than some people - after all, we have computers and free time to blog, right? On another note - I really want the recipe for that cocktail!

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Always nice to get in back of the house with the chefs and preparations. Thanks for sharing!