Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oops, I've Seem to Have Forgotten to Blog

Life threw up a plethora of challenges to keeping this here old blog alive and kicking this summer.  The biggest road block was that I was writing a lot at work.  After spending hours each day trying to find different ways of saying the same thing in new and exciting ways, the idea of sitting behind a keyboard and crafting witty and exciting prose was not what I wanted to spend my evening on.  Besides there was lots of food to cook on the grill.

 I tackled pulled pork a few weeks ago and it came out really well if I have to say so myself.  Mom loved it as well, but you don't expect to get a negative review from your mother do you.  Except if it's your high school girlfriend, but there is no need to bring that back up.

I also spent a lot of my free time behind a camera this summer.  I took a lot of photography classes and I've been working on several non-food related photography classes.

But now the summer is over.  The weekend parking spaces have magically disappeared, the lines in front of the bars have returned and symbolically, the grill ran out of gas the day after Labor Day.

I have a lot of interesting(I hope) events lined up in the near future:  A class with the man who literally wrote the book on food photography, the New York Food and Wine Festival and several other events will be popping up like Halloween pumpkins.  I've also been mulling a change in the blog that should be fun and interesting for all partied involved, ie me writing about it and you poor, poor people... I mean my loyal followers will enjoy reading.

So, instead of the sweet smell of bbq wafting through the condo, that official Sunday scent of roasting chicken is permeating.  And what a welcome smell it is.