Friday, June 18, 2010

Aspen Food and Wine Festival: The Prelude

June in Aspen brings sun, wild flowers and most of the culinary world.  For the past 28 years people with a passion for cooking, wine making, food growing, or just eating and drinking have gathered in the rarified air of Aspen, CO.  Not rarified in the snooty sense, but rarified in the lack of oxygen at 8,000 feet sense.

The bulk of the program began today, but things got off to a great start last night.  Courtesy of American Express, I attended a meet and greet with Mario Batali.  We were able to taste food created from the recipes  in his latest cook book, while drinking some exquisite Italian wines.

The meet and greet segued into the official opening party featuring food stations manned by Top Chef favorites.  Jennifer, Eli and both Voltaggio brothers were dishing up dishes for the attendees.  I must say, their food was very inventive and ultimately toothsome.

I dragged my jet lagged and sleep deprived body home to get ready for the next days events.   Stay tuned...



Fresh Local and Best said...

Lucky you! Aspen is quite fancy as evidenced by all of the gorgeous G4 lined at the gateway of the city. I can't wait to hear more about this event.

bunkycooks said...

What a great event to attend!