Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sometimes the Food I Love Is Not So Haute

This post was going to be the rare restaurant review.  We wanted to go back to Tabla to see how the place has changed since the major change to their menu.  No longer was it two restaurants sharing the same roof, but one unified entity.  In the past, the downstairs was Bread Bar, serving Indian home cooking in a casual atmosphere.  Upstairs, was the more upscale Tabla serving food with an Indian accent.  The makeover has the whole place serving one menu, now with al a carte options available.  We did the Tour of Tabla tasting menu and it was great.  Maybe too much food for just two people, but we did not complain.  I was ready to write up a glowing review of the evening when a funny thing happened; I made a sloppy joe.

One bite of this savory, sweet, and oh yes sloppy sandwich made me one happy camper.  I was 10 years old again, hungrily wolfing down a sloppy joe after a full day of bike riding and woods exploring, eager to scare myself silly with what ever B movie fare was being aired on Chiller Theater or Creature Features.

This is not to suggest that the dinner at Tabla was upstaged by some comfort food.  I just wanted to bring to light the dichotomy of most foodies.  We are equally happy enjoying the sublime food of Floyd Cardoz at Tabla or going through a fistful of napkins as we savor a sloppy joe.  And its not just us.  Those big time chefs are happy chowing down on burgers and fries or other such comfort foods.  Did you see the photo of Joel Robuchon eating at In and Out Burger?  Did you know that Thomas Keller's favorite meal is a roast chicken?  While the more complicated fare out there fulfills a need in out lives, a little taste of home and childhood fills our souls.

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Fresh Local and Best said...

I agree with this post. There are some foods that are sensational simply for their ability to comfort and please.